Wool Booties Newborn

These little booties made of 100% boiled wool will keep your newborn baby's feet warm and fit from birth to six months. They are easy to put on and thanks to the drawstring they stay on the little feet well - in the pram, under the babywearing jacket or on the go in the car seat. Produced from the remnants from the production of our boiled wool coats, they are therefore particularly sustainable.

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Because wool regulates temperature, it is an ideal material for babies, keeping them warm without overheating. These newborn booties made from 100% boiled wool keep little feet warm without overheating. They are the smallest version among the mamalila booties and fit from birth to about six months.The boiled wool booties are modelled on the shape of the foot, are easy to put on - and stay on: the adjustable drawstring around the ankle makes sure of that. They match the Vienna hooded babywearing coat in terms of colour, as they are made from the remnants from coat production and would otherwise be thrown away: that's what makes them so sustainable!If your baby has already outgrown the newborn size, you can find the second size "Baby" from us. This fits up to the age of one year.
Highlights & Functions

What you can expect

  • Boiled wool booties for warm baby feet
  • Easy to put on with good fit and support
  • Suitable for newborns and babies up to the age of about 6 months
  • Matching colour to the Vienna hooded babywearing coat
100% wool Made from remnants from coat production

Wolle  recyceltes Material

  • Pure wool
  • Produced in Europe
  • Minimal resource consumption through upcycling of remnants
  • More information on sustainability

Care Instructions
  • Hand wash only or have professionally cleaned
  • If hand washing, only use a wool detergent, then lay flat to dry - do not wring!

Wool's natural dirt-repelling properties mean that booties usually only need to be washed very rarely.

Size Information
Ageup to 6 months
Sole length9,0 cm
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