Cair & Repair

As a brand, we are aware that sustainability means not only producing environmentally friendly products, but also ensuring that these products are used for as long as possible. That's why we offer you a Care & Repair service so that you can get the most out of your mamalila jacket.

Cair & Repair


Especially with a jacket, proper care is important as it is a very complex product. As you probably wash your mamalila jacket more frequently due to your baby or other children, we ask you to pay attention to the following:

  • Always wash separately, do not mix with other clothing
  • Turn inside out
  • Use suitable detergent (e.g. detergent for functional textiles from Nikwax for water-repellent products) and a washing program with few spins
  • Do not wash too frequently!
  • Our wool coats can also be aired out very well in a room with high humidity or outside. You can find more detailed information on each product in the description.


Our repair service is available to all customers, whether you bought directly from mamalila or with one of our retailers. We provide you with a quick and effective way to repair your jacket if it is damaged or showing signs of wear and tear. We use original materials to ensure that the repaired jacket looks good and is fully functional again.

To take advantage of our Care & Repair service, send us a message through our contact form or email to with the subject Care & Repair.

We need a description of the damage, if possible a picture, as well as the color and type of the jacket. We will inform you once received if your jacket is able to be repaired.

To keep our Care & Repair service as affordable as possible for you, we do not charge for materials, only for the labor costs of our seamstress.

You pay the shipping costs to us, we pay for the shipping back to you.

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