Sustainability – a matter close to our heart

At mamalila, we consider sustainability  as an essential part of our mission. As parents, we understand our responsibility towards the future generation and the environment. Therefore, we are committed to using resources in a respectful manner, as we believe that what benefits the environment also benefits people. Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of the mamalila concept, and it influences every product we create. Our goal is to provide high-quality, versatile jackets that can adapt to various situations and have a long lifespan, thus conserving resources and producing less waste. By prioritizing sustainability in both ecological and social contexts, we aim to make a positive impact on our planet and the people living on it.

Since the beginning, we have relied on organic materials as well as sustainable and fair production premises. Our office has been certified climate neutral for various years.

But most importantly, our whole team is working and contributing to the sustainable pathway and adding ideas every day to reduce our impact on the environment. Because it all starts with your conviction and your willingness to be sustainable.

Production and product development

Our product development team is constantly striving to improve the environmental footprint of our products by using new developments in fabric and fiber compositions and carefully selecting our manufacturers.

Mamalila is committed to using sustainable materials in its products. This includes:

  • organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation
  • incorporating recycled or recyclable fibers whenever possible
  • exploring innovative materials as alternatives to animal products like down
  • prioritizing materials that are both skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly, avoiding substances that can accumulate in the ecosystem or in humans during the production and life of the product.

These are the lables we follow when selecting materials:

For more information on the specific materials used by us, you can look here.

General operations

We are really proud to have implemented a minimum waste strategy for our shipping operations by reusing cardboard boxes from returns and completely eliminating single-use poly bags for our products, which helped us save a huge amount of paper and plastic waste over the years.

Down to the smallest detail in our workplace, we strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We are continuously improving our office lifestyle to make it more sustainable. This includes providing electric bikes for our employees to reduce car usage, reducing energy consumption by implementing various measures, or a small thing like adding oat milk to our coffee corner.

If you want to learn more about our sustainability story, here is our first sustainability report for 2021.

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