Winter Babywearing Parka WinterWander

  • 4 in 1: pregnant, front carry, back carry, solo
  • winter outdoor lifestyle
  • waterproof & windproof, with rain guard for baby
  • vegan & recycled

fit tips:

  • regular straight cut
  • arm/shoulder shaping for freedom of movement
  • reaches to mid thigh

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We developed the WinterWander winter babywearing parka for all moms who want to carry their winter baby carefree outside even in the cold and bad weather. If you are out and about very often and need a really good, warm and functional maternity and babywearing jacket, you have come to the right place. We think it's important that you can wear the jacket for many years, even without a bump or baby!|

The feather-light but warm Thermolite padding consists of a (vegan) hollow fibre that keeps you and your baby cosy and warm even in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, the jacket is 100% windproof and you will both keep each other warm in winter. The high breathability of the membrane ensures that you always feel comfortable. The high-quality Sympatex© membrane with a water column of 20,000 mm and taped seams provides all-round protection against wind and moisture. A special feature of this babywearing parka is the baby insert with rain shield developed by mamalila, which you can fasten over your child. This protects your baby from the wind and wet from above. At the same time, you can use the rain shield as a head support for your baby sleeping in the carrier. Finally, with this babywearing jacket you are buying 100% sustainability: the jacket is made from recycled polyester from PET bottles and does not use any new raw materials. In addition, it is made of 100% single-origin polyester and can therefore be completely recycled. And of course the rain protection is also FC-free and thus free of harmful substances. And even though the filling almost feels like down because it is so soft and warm, it is completely vegan.

Ready for the great outdoors and your next adventure!

Highlights & Functions


Mom Jacket:

  • 2-way Zipper
  • drawstring to prevent draughts from below
  • two zippered pockets
  • warm and soft pockets
  • soft cuffs
  • two-way adjustable Hood

Baby Insert:

  • double adjustable neck guard
  • waterproof rain guard for baby, stowable
  • head support for sleeping babies
  • closes in front of the chest
  • large outside pocket on the baby insert for stowing the rain guard and other items
  • can be used for front and back carrying
  • fits children from 0 to approx. 2 years old

Pregnancy Insert:

  • grows with your bump due to adjustable centre seam
  • usually required from the 7th month on

The jacket fits over you and your carried baby, with the baby sitting in a carrier or sling. You can use any baby carrier or sling under the jacket as long as the baby is carried towards the body and not sitting on the side.

If you are wearing on the back: hook the velcro of your hood into the loop on the back outside coat below the hood, then the hood will not be in the way of your Baby.


  • approx. mid-thigh in length
  • slightly longer at the back
  • sleeves tend to be long
  • normal fit (S = 38)



level 6


level 6


level 6

cold protection

level 6


Outer fabric: 100% recycled polyester with SympaTex® membrane (polyester) 20,000 mm water column

Waterproof, windproof, breathable

Padding: 100% polyester, partly recycled (Thermolite® Ecomade)

Lining: 100% recycled polyester


FC-frei Teflon- und-sulfonsäure-frei  recyceltes Material

  • recycled polyester from PET bottles

  • 100% recycled polyester main material

  • vegan padding

  • PFOS / PFOA free Membrane

  • FC-free impregnated

  • packaging free

Care Instructions
  • 30 degree gentle wash cycle
  • close zips and wash separately
  • do not use fabric softener!
  • iron on level 1 to reactivate the water-repellent coating, which wears off with washing

We recommend: detergent for functional clothing, e.g. Tech Wash® from Nikwax.

If, after a few washes the jacket becomes soaked in the rain and no longer beads up so well, you should re-impregnate it with an FC-free waterproofing agent, such as TX.DIRECT® Spray-On or TX.DIRECT® Wash-In from Nikwax. You can also find all care products in our shop.

Size Information

Use your normal clothing size as a guide, even if you are pregnant. Your Baby fits under the jacket from 0 - approx. 2 years. mamalila jackets have a good fit, and tend to come bigger so you can wear them comfortably after birth. Measurements below correspond to a relaxed fit of the jacket.

Body measurements:
Maße der Jacke
Measurements of the jacket
Mesures de la veste:
Brust / Chest / Poitrine-50cm54cm58cm62cm68cm74cm
Hüfte / Hips / Hanches-52cm56cm60cm64cm70cm76cm
Back Length
Longueur du Dos
Arm Length
Longueur du Bras
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